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Apache OpenOffice continues support for the legacy Native Language Projects (N-L). The details of how the individual native language areas comply with Apache governance policies is still being discussed/determined (as of 16-Mar-2012).

Currently, the scope of Native Language support consists of:

If you are interested is initiating (or re-starting) a native language project, you might find the recent information posted on the Apache OpenOffice Planning wiki helpful. This is a planning document only at this time, but it accurately reflects the typical process for establishing a native language area.

Native Language Mailing Lists

Legacy were not automatically migrated to Apache OpenOffice. New native language mailing lists for the project are made at the request of an Apache OpenOffice PMC (Project Management Committee) member, and after discussion and consensus on the dev mailing list. Additionally new mailing lists typically require at least two moderators to be established. Initiate setup requests through:

Native language mailing lists (This list is manually maintained and may not be up to date):

Additional information and archives for these lists as well as any other Apache mailing list can be found at the Available Mailing List page.

Subscribe to any of these lists by using the following format for the e-mail recipient:

"list name"

For example, to subscibe to the "users-de" list:

Additional Information

The legacy web site Native Language page continues to be a valuable resource in learning more about's native language endeavors.

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