If you have code that you want to contribute to the Apache OpenOffice project, then we would love to talk to you about this.

Apache projects put a strong emphasis on code pedigree and reviewing and documenting licenses and notices, more so than many other open source projects. This is done to make our projects more valuable to users, especially to other developers. This is one of the ways we add value, one of the things that makes Apache special. So please don't be offended if one of the first things we question you about is the license and the pedigree of the code.

The main requirements for contributing code to Apache OpenOffice are:

Some specific scenarios:

Note: It is perfectly fine for a programmer to contribute the same bug fix or feature patch to multiple open source projects. As the author you have the right to make your code available to us under the Apache License as well as to make the same code available to another project under LGPL. Similarly, if you have code that you've contributed to another project under MPL or LGPL you can also make it available to us under the Apache License, maximizing the number of people who will benefit from your work. For small patches it would be sufficient to send us a note pointing to an existing patch or VCS revision containing your contribution and stating that you wish to contribute it to us under the Apache License as well.