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Source Control

We use Apache Subversion for version control. You can browse our repository in your web browser.

See our Subversion Basics for more information on using subversion (svn) for the Apache OpenOffice project.

For further information see the Apache Source Code Repository page.

Getting the source code

Using SVN

This will get you everything, including the language files:

svn co aoo

Including SVN overhead, this requires approximately 4 GB of storage.

Using GIT

You can use our git repository for downloading source but not committing (read only):

Source archive of the latest release

An archive of the source for the latest release can be obtainted from the Apache Software Foundation repository:

Browsing/Searching Source Code

We have an instance of Atlassian FishEye for source browsing, searching, reporting and visualization of main trunk (main development area).

Building and Running

See the Apache OpenOffice Building Guide page for an overview on building.

See Development Snapshots builds for additional information on building.

Testing Developer Installation Sets

See Development Snapshot Builds: Full installation sets or Development Builds for complete installation sets for available platforms.

Install the "Developer Installation Set" to a new directory if you don't want to overwrite your existing Apache OpenOffice installation.

Code and Contribution Statistics

Our SVN tree is read by the Open Hub tracker to generate some various statistics. Note that the migration from the legacy Mercurial repository to SVN at Apache has caused pre-existing files to be double-counted. But the contribution history should be intact.

Special Development Branches

For larger, extensive code modifications, specialized branches are created. You can find out more information on them from the Wiki Source Code page.

Legacy Source Code Repository

A clone of the project's legacy (pre-Apache, Hg OOO340) version control system is maintained as service to the ecosystem by a volunteer. Please note that this code is LGPL-licenced and is not maintained by the Apache OpenOffice project.

The legacy repository can be found here.

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