Apache OpenOffice Public Mailing Lists

We welcome you to join our mailing lists and let us know about your thoughts or ideas about Apache OpenOffice.

Note: These are public mailing lists and anything posted to these lists is archived and is visible to the public, indexed by search engines, etc. Posts can only be removed in extraordinary circumstances, in accordance with Apache's Public Forum Archive Policy

Using Mailing Lists

A mailing list is a way to share information and coordinate with other project members. When you send an e-mail to a mailing list it is forwarded to all other subscribers to that mailing list.

Every OpenOffice mailing list has a list address, of the form: xyz@openoffice.apache.org, where you replace "xyz" with the actual list name, such as "dev" or "qa" or "marketing".

Basic Operations

There are three basic operations you should know about:

NOTE: Please do not send subscribe/unsubscribe requests to the mailing list itself (xyz@openoffice.apache.org). You must send these requests to the special xyz-subscribe and xyz-unsubscribe addresses.

List Moderators

Each mailing list at OpenOffice has at least two human moderators. If you need additional help with a mailing list in any way including reporting inappropriate behavior, you can e-mail the list moderator at xyz-owner@openoffice.apache.org where xyz is a list name. Example: qa-owner@openoffice.apache.org.

Participation Guidelines

We ask all mailing list participants to observe these conduct guidelines.

Specifically note the request "Use sensible and concise e-mail subject headings". On our high-traffic lists, especially dev, we encourage the use of e-mail subject tags that indicate the topic of your post. Consistent use of such tags makes it more likely that your post will be read by subscribers most interested in that topic. It also faciliates sorting and filtering by e-mail inbox rules.

Some subject tags often seen on dev include:

Other useful topic tags can be found by observing traffic on the list or by looking at the list archives.

In addition to the topic subject tags, there are also tags used to indicate a request:

Note: it is common for a topic tag and an action tag to be combined, e.g.:

Finally, please keep in mind that all of the above mailing lists are public and any post you make will likely be archived by a variety of services. The Apache policy for expunging posts can be found here but this will only apply to Apache mail archives, not archives from other services such as Gmane or Markmail.

Users Mailing List (Public)

This list is for users, for questions about OpenOffice, for feature requests, for discussions about the product and project, etc.

API Mailing List (Public)

This list is for application developers and other interested in scripting, macros or developing OpenOffice extensions.

Marketing Mailing List (Public)

This is where the community discusses marketing, branding, communications, event planning and related activities.

Announce Mailing List

Subscribe to this list to receive notice about new releases and other important news from the project.

Note: Only Apache OpenOffice committers may post to the Announce mailing list. And, you must use your Apache id and domain to post - for example, send using myapacheid@apache.org.

Development Mailing List (Public)

This is where the project community hangs out. This list is used to coordinate activities and ensure we are all pulling in the same direction. This is a high traffic list, with an average of 30 posts/day.

Documentation Mailing List (Public)

This list is for discussing and developing the OpenOffice documentation.

QA Mailing List (Public)

The list is for bug reports, quality assurance for release, beta tests, manual test, automated tests, etc. You should subscribe (initiate the procedure by sending an empty e-mail to the address below, then follow the instructions you will receive by e-mail) if you don't want to miss important announcements.

Localization Mailing List (Public)

The list is discussion of translation and other aspects of localization, for both the OpenOffice product, as well as documentation and the website.

Commits Mailing List

This is where the community receives automated notifications of any changes to the Apache OpenOffice code and documentation. This is a moderate traffic list, with an average of 10 posts/day.

Issues Mailing List

This is where the community receives automated notifications of all issues that were created or modified in Bugzilla. Currently this is a moderate traffic list, with an average of 20 posts/day and will increase in the future.

Volunteer Mailing List (Public)

This list is for welcoming new contributors. It coordinates the activities for new people and tries to help to find the right part. This is a low traffic list.

Native Language (non-English) Mailing Lists

The project has several mailing lists for discussion about OpenOffice in native (non-English) languages.

Information about available Native Language mailing lists can be found in the page describing native language resources.

Legacy OpenOffice.org Lists

As of March 16th, 2012 the legacy OpenOffice.org mailing lists have been disabled. Archived posts from these mailing lists are archived on MarkMail.

At the same time the legacy e-mail forwarding agent for openoffice.org e-mail address has also been shutdown.

If you have been directed to this page from an e-mail bounce notification, the following guide might be useful for directing your post to an appropriate new mailing list for the OpenOffice project:

For any topic not covered by the above, send your post to: dev@openoffice.apache.org