Anyone, without additional permission from this project, may use the following logo subject to the following conditions:

Download Apache OpenOffice here

The logo file may be found here.

If translations of the "Get it here!" text are required, send a request to the dev mailing list and we can make a translated version for you.


  1. The logo may be resized, so long as the aspect ratio is preserved and the logo remains legible, but the logo may not be otherwise altered.

  2. The logo must directly link to one of:

  3. The logo must not link to a page at any other website other than

  4. The logo must not link to a specific download file or mirror. This causes problems with load balancing and fallbacks and may prevent users from getting the latest version of Apache OpenOffice.

  5. Any use of this logo or any other Apache logo beyond the above requires explicit permission per the existing trademark policy


This is an example of how the "Get it here!" logo might be included in an HTML page:

    <a href="">
    <img width="300" height="100" alt="Download Apache OpenOffice here" 


We'd love to hear about your success with adding the "Get it here!" logo to your website. You can send your links to us at our marketing mailing list.

Also, if you run into problems, we want to hear about that as well.