1. Please send an email to recruitment@openoffice.apache.org to let us know you are working on this module.

  2. As you learned in the previous module the Apache Software Foundation formally has Members, who elect a Board of Directors who appoint Officers, including PMC (Project Management Committee) Chairs, who work with the PMC's of the individual Top Level Projects and their communities, to publish open source software for the public good. In this module we'll take a closer look at how exactly we accomplish this within the Apache OpenOffice project, how we divide up the tasks and get all the stuff done that is needed to release a new version of OpenOffice.

  3. Volunteers in the project tend to self-identify themselves in one or more of the following categories, depending on their interests, skills and contributions:

    • Developers are the programmers who write, debug and fix the C++ code that is the core of the OpenOffice software.
    • QA (Quality Assurance) are the volunteers to test OpenOffice builds, looking for bugs. They also develop test automation and test cases.
    • Support are the volunteers who answer user questions on our Community Forums and User list.
    • UX (Usability)
    • Localization/Internationalization are the volunteers whose expertise is in adapting OpenOffice so it works well with the writing and other cultural conventions and expectations of users around the globe. This includes translations and related activities.
    • Documentation
    • Admins, including moderators,
    • Marketing
    • Website development
  4. We also work closely with other specialized teams within Apache for topics where it is important to enforce ASF-wide policies:

    • Infrastructure
    • Legal Affairs
    • Trademarks/Branding
    • Conference Committee (ConCom)
    • Incubator
  5. Congratulations! You have completed this Level. Please send a note to recruitment@openoffice.apache.org so we all know you have completed this level. This is also a good opportunity to send along any feedback or questions you might have on this Orientation Module.