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Civic library, Newcastle, 18/9/1957, Hood collection

As the leading open source office productivity suite for over a decade, it is not surprising that Apache OpenOffice (formerly has attracted attention from authors of technical instruction books.  A search of the catalog of online book retailers shows many titles, including a new one on OpenOffice Basic from as recently as a few weeks ago.

We encourage books to be written about Apache OpenOffice.  This is good for the ecosystem.   We keep a list of known books about OpenOffice on our website.  If you know of a book that we are missing, be sure to let us know via our marketing mailing list.

Also, authors and publishers of books related to OpenOffice are encouraged to contact us (via the above marketing mailing list).   We can help in several ways.  For example, we can answer any technical questions you might have about OpenOffice.  We can also answer any of your questions regarding the use of Apache OpenOffice trademarks in your book. We're also interested in doing interviews with authors for this blog.  Again, contact the marketing mailing list for more information.