'Call For Designers: Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Brand Refresh Project'

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Apache OpenOffice is looking for a refreshed logo and branding for its upcoming 4.0 release.


This is a tremendous opportunity for designers to get involved in one of the most popular free and open source projects, and to get their work displayed to dozens of million of users: Apache OpenOffice just celebrated 40 million downloads in less than ten months.

Brand Refresh Project Scope


  • An AOO Logo


  • Can be altered for use in splash screens, about screens, publications, website, elements in application icons, etc.
  • Brand proposals that show more than just a logo, considering placement in the areas of focus such as splash screen and websites.

Primary Requirements

  • Logo submissions must include the source.
  • Logos can be as large as the designer wishes, but must be able to scale down and not loose detail. eg.. for website, splash screen, etc.
  • Although text in the logo is optional, any font used must be a free and open font. eg. SIL Open Source Fonts.  Any font used in the logo must be disclosed upon submission.
  • Incorporation of gulls literally or symbolically, but not necessarily the existing shape used in current branding.

If you are interested, please read the full Brand Refresh Project page (including the "child pages" at the bottom) to get more background, see what other volunteers are proposing and learn how you can contribute!