Presentations and videos from FOSDEM 2014

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Presentations and videos from the Open Document Editors Devroom at FOSDEM 2014 are now available.

The OpenOffice presence at the event was strong and well-received, with a number of interesting talks and many visits at the booth. And the devroom was a nice way to get together with other projects focused on the ODF format.

Make sure you don't miss the following talks about improvements that are coming (or already came!) to OpenOffice:

Changes to 'fields' in Writer for Apache OpenOffice 4.1      Oliver-Rainer Wittmann

Improving the XHTML export filter
Andrea Pescetti

genLang, a new workflow for translation
(partial video available here)
Jan Iversen

Quality Assurance
Raphael Bircher

Create Sidebar Extensions for OpenOffice Andre Fischer

OpenOffice and Eclipse Andre Fischer

Exploring OpenOffice History using GIT Grafts
Herbert Duerr

Digital signing of releases

Jan Iversen

The full list of talks from the Open Document Editors devroom is available as well. Most have a presentation attached.